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2019 Sep. 16 — 23:26:

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About 772-266-2974:

“Scammer answers ads on Craiglists asking for a Google Code Verification pretending they are interested in buying something.”

2019 Sep. 16 — 21:20:

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About 254-679-2550:


2019 Sep. 16 — 19:47:

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About 414-861-5739:

“annoying phone calls starting 414-861- about warranty ”

2019 Sep. 16 — 19:40:

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About 402-918-3122:

“I got a call from this number today with an automated message saying it was "Amazon Prime Credit Card Services''. The caller ID said, "Bank Of The Wes"... not West, but Wes. The crooks can't even spell. They are predators and need to be stopped !!”

2019 Sep. 16 — 17:35:

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About 630-823-5702:

“Left no message. I don't know anyone in Bartlett. Must be a scam call.”

2019 Sep. 16 — 16:54:

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About 616-486-1057:

“Call regarding credit card rates for visa and MasterCard. Scam call”

2019 Sep. 16 — 16:37:

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About 240-220-5131:

“Scam ”

2019 Sep. 16 — 16:18:

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About 847-385-9026:

“Person said they were an attorney representing my son and needed $8000 to get them out of jail for a DUI.”

2019 Sep. 16 — 15:52:

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About 202-679-1176:

“SPAM -- calls multiple times with different last four digits. never leaves message. ”

2019 Sep. 16 — 15:02:

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About 443-246-1497:

“Recieved a text regarding shipment. i have nothing on order.”

2019 Sep. 16 — 14:31:

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About 205-773-2308:

“Pretending to be from social security”

2019 Sep. 16 — 14:12:

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About 845-334-6745 :

“Unless,it’s a hologram room 202,that black bitch that,called hiroo while he was living in Scarsdale,ny called more then 140 times no fuckin caller I’d!”

2019 Sep. 16 — 13:32:

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About 845-334-6745 :

“Unless,it’s a hologram room 202,since November 2015 at 29 sterling ave,in white plains this guy go fuck yourself! Dodrudosan@.com”

2019 Sep. 16 — 10:10:

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About 607-382-6629:

“This number is no longer in Hornell NY it’s in Hammondsport NY”

2019 Sep. 16 — 07:22:

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About 541-515-8557:

“Pretty sure this guy is a child molester named Warren”

2019 Sep. 15 — 18:40:

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About 443-964-3463:

“I recieved a call from this # and when I said hello, it hung up. I called back the # immediately and the automated response was "This is not a working number." ”

2019 Sep. 15 — 14:35:

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About 317-420-4617:

“Stole Facebook identity and hacked Messenger account ”

2019 Sep. 15 — 10:59:

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About 401-787-1435:

“Who this phone my hubby has it I want know who ”

2019 Sep. 15 — 06:44:

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About 306-994-5178:


2019 Sep. 15 — 05:06:

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About 507-369-4061:

“This number belongs to Holly Brooke McBeth. Who carries on multiple relationships in faribault Mankato Farmington. And elsewhere.”

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