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Our Recent Comments

2019 Apr. 21 — 05:04:

About 518-892-7802:

“Safe. Male”

2019 Apr. 21 — 03:25:

About 858-480-5728:

“Spam call ”

2019 Apr. 20 — 20:50:

About 361-245-1216:

“Tells me I have a pending Reward *from* Amazon.”

2019 Apr. 20 — 18:50:

About 860-359-2678:


2019 Apr. 20 — 15:16:

About 949-988-4605:

“they left a message, but the way they talked was unrecognizable. they called after 1 am and then again at 6:30 am (this time left a message I couldn't understand). don't know if man or woman or child.”

2019 Apr. 20 — 15:07:

About 215-908-1081:

“MC serial cheater”

2019 Apr. 20 — 01:56:

About 514-553-3350:


2019 Apr. 19 — 23:59:

About 850-431-6582:

“Called with no talking or greeting, just a beeping sound and then hung up. Called immediately back. I did not answer second time. ”

2019 Apr. 19 — 20:48:

About 718-682-2649:

“Same. It's a landline but we were able to trace it to Bangladesh. They said legal aid. Before they try scam they would understand how America works or they just look retarded.”

2019 Apr. 19 — 18:37:

About 757-437-9501:

“A record call trying to sale health insurance. ”

2019 Apr. 19 — 17:58:

About 920-456-8351:

“Missed call caller ID "Portfolio Recovery Asso..."”

2019 Apr. 19 — 15:21:

About 780-437-3334:

“Scam regarding credit cards”

2019 Apr. 19 — 15:10:

About 928-668-8247:

“Posed as Card Services and wanted card number”

2019 Apr. 19 — 14:07:

About 737-800-1411:

“Sent me a spam text message: Notice!: You have 4 New messages from: Mark. Signin to read them now: xxxxx.com/xxxx Reply STOP To Cancel”

2019 Apr. 18 — 23:18:

About 914-633-9445 :

“Unless,it’s a hologram,Noah needs a history lesson!”

2019 Apr. 18 — 22:05:

About 559-283-2228 :

“some guy answered the phone. I had a missed call from this number but he said he didn't make any call.”

2019 Apr. 18 — 21:46:

About 860-729-7598:

“Caller ID says John Sherman. No message left”

2019 Apr. 18 — 21:44:

About 717-438-1059:

“Someone from this number called my phone company pretending to be me. When asked for my PIN. they knew they didn't have it and hung up. My phone company called me to ask if I had called earlier and I told them I had not. I spoke to the fraud department....they are on the case now.”

2019 Apr. 18 — 18:52:

About 219-984-4087:

“called here but got no reply when answered”

2019 Apr. 18 — 15:54:

About 760-369-8123:

“I have gotten four calls from this number this morning. It's an automated message saying they are Social Security and I need to contact their number right away. I am SURE it's a scam! The number they give isn't the toll free number for SS. ”

Who We Are

There's no story. Stories are made to make you like the brand. We got fed up with scams, we got fed up with not knowing who had weird antisocial behaviour, a criminal history... whatever else about them that we wouldn't want to let our kids around them.

The Event Horizon was created with the goal of helping people not get scammed. We use excellent internet providers to guarantee a high quality service. Our platform enables honest people to share their experience with a caller. If you choose, you can access our partners' offer of a premium search on a caller, and learn even more about them.